Amidst all the hype of Windows XP’s end of support, the technology world has taken another blow this week… a two year old security vulnerability was announced – “Heartbleed.”
Heartbleed is an SSL security exposure in the OpenSSL software that many websites use to encrypt/scramble usernames and passwords (among other things).  The flaw is related to communication between the website and your computer.  Online banking, shopping and practically every other secure Internet service is at risk.
Heartbleed is a well-known issue and is currently being patched by all major companies.  Some companies, such as Google, have already fixed their websites prior to the announcement of Heartbleed.
“What can I do to protect myself?”  As always, only give information to trusted websites.  Most banks and other financial institutions will not ask for any personal information via email.  NEVER click on a link or button sent to you in email—it is most likely SPAM and could make you more vulnerable.  Ensure proper security of your computer and network.  Change passwords regularly.   For this instance, you may consider changing your passwords often while the Heartbleed issue is resolved.
If you have any questions regarding your online safety, feel free to contact any of our expert staff at EthernetGeeks-  we are happy to assist in any way we can.