That’s right. Microsoft will end extended support for the 12-year-old operating system tomorrow, July 14 2015. That will leave users still using the outdated operating system without security patches and other updates for any applications still running on the OS. Microsoft says there were almost 24 million instances of Windows Server 2003 running in July 2014, though it hasn’t released more recent figures.

Companies still running on Server 2003 need to move away from it and install a modern operating system (and probably modern hardware, too) immediately. Once the extended support ends, there will be no more patches. Any new security threats will remain unpatched forever. This leaves companies out of compliance and a much greater chance of downtime or system failure which could lead to lost profits.

If you or anyone you know is still running Windows Server 2003, don’t hesitate to contact EthernetGeeks. We have certified professionals that can help create a migration plan for you and your company while retaining your data and applications to move away from an outdated system.